Premium Protection
for Your Car

Aqua-Coat™ Hydrophobic Protection Proprietary advanced technology delivers liquid repellency
performance, keeps car looking cleaner, longer.

Tru-Heal Technology Never worry about minor scratches again. Advanced
self-healing layer renews film back to its original
state with heat.

Stain Shield Superior stain protection from bug splats, bird droppings,
tree sap stains.

Protect Your Car’s

Solvent-Guard Resistant to solvents and alcohol-based liquids,
designed to guard a vehicle’s paintwork from
damage caused by corrosive substances.

Colour-Protect Formulated for excellent UV, heat and water
resistance to preserve paintwork.

Opti-Clear Superior optical clarity of the film intensifies
original paintwork, creating a mirror-like shine.

Film construction


Masking sheet Removable protective polyester film


Clear coat Flexible, self-healing coating with
an advanced hydrophobic surface


Urethane Impact-resistant 6 mil urethane formulated
for excellent UV, heat and water resistance


Adhesive Self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer adhesive
formulated for balanced tack, adhesive and
cohesive properties


Liner Matte, polyester release liner

Total construction is 7-8 mil without liner or cap sheet