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Unique Infra-red Reflective Technology

V-KOOL Solitaire Series incorporates proprietary V-KOOL XIR® technology that reflects selected infra-red heat whereas dyed and ceramic window films absorb infra-red heat.

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Cooler by 9.6°C#

In an independent test, V-KOOL was shown to help keep a car interior surface cooler.

#Results obtained from in-car temperature tests conducted by Advanced Materials Technology Centre,  Singapore Polytechnic, between 05 to 23 March 2018. (Report No: PC 20180404-01R dated 4 April 2018). Thermistor Probe Sensors were deployed to measure the difference in the surface temperature of the dashboard of a car that had V-KOOL VK70 & V30 films versus a similar car without any window film. The results showed between 5.3°C to 9.6°C difference.

Recommended as Effective UV Protectant

V-KOOL has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation for its UV protection performance.

V-KOOL Packages

Premium Privacy Package

V-KOOL Solitaire Privacy Package provides the ultimate heat rejection, UV protection with premium privacy with our best performing VK30 and VK40 film.

Premium Clear Package

V-KOOL Solitaire Clear Package provides superior heat rejection, UV protection with excellent optical clarity with our best performing clear VK70 film.

Signature Dark Package

V-KOOL Signature Dark Package provides great protection and glare reduction.


Exceptional Optical Clarity

Legendary Heat Rejection Performance

Excellent Shielding against UV 

Superior Glare Reduction 

More than 25 million cars

with V-KOOL XIR® Technology

Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium

(Nov 1999, Times Mirror Magazine, Inc)

Sputtered with Gold

Exceptional Optical Clarity

Manufacturer-backed Limited Warranty

Professionally Certified Installation

The V-KOOL Installation Academy

professionally certifies installers.

Gold Class Experience

V-KOOL is committed to provide the best possible customer service experience.