Care and Maintenance

For Cars Only:
  • - Don't wind down car windows for first 48 hours after installation.
  • - Don't switch on rear defogger for 2 weeks after installation.
  • - Slight Refraction Effect: A slight refraction may appear on defogger lines when viewed from rear view mirror during night driving. This effect will reduce after sufficient sunning.
For both Cars and Buildings:
  • - Drying Period:  Do not attempt to clean window film for at least 7 days after installation to ensure window film's adhesive bonds thoroughly to glass.
  • - Slight Hazy Look: A slight hazy look might be visible between window film and glass just after application. This is normal and will disappear in approximately 4 to 10 weeks. Any water bubbles (if any) will also disappear.
  • - Device or Suction Installation: Do not install any device with weight and suction on window film for at least 2 weeks after installation.
  • - Cleaning of V-KOOL & iQUE after 7 days: Spray window film with warm soapy water and wipe off lightly with soft, clean cloth. Don't use ammonia, alcohol-based and abrasive solution to clean the windows as this may damage the coating.
  • - Fine Splice Lines: Fine splice lines may be visible on curved windows which require two or more sections to ensure full coverage.
  • - Do not pick at the edges of the window film coating. This will break the seal designed to keep contamination out.
  • - Installation of stickers or adhesive tape may damage window film coating and installation, which will not be covered under the warranty terms.